Yootech Associates LLC specializes in handling every necessary function relating to automated program trading. It is a complete all-in-one solution that streamlines the system development process so traders or money managers can get their strategies implemented at the quickest rate possible. After programming a trading strategy, we will provide all of the hardware and software that is required for live trading. Clients can access their server from a remote location to monitor or override their system and technical support is always a phone call away. If you choose not to monitor the trading system yourself, you can take advantage of our maintenance program which will help risk manage and observe the program for you.


Conceptual Phase

Before beginning the process, Yootech Associates LLC will sign a NON-DISCLOSURE document to ensure the client that its ideas will be kept confidential. Developing a solution for a client begins with a discussion of the strategy that the trader wants to automate. It is important to understand the ideas of the trader to evaluate its effectiveness. Trading blotters or account statements of recent past activity are often useful in determining the viability of the system to be programmed. Based on the discussion, we will customize a rate structure that is suitable for the client. After agreeing on terms for the development and implementation of the strategy, a document will be drawn up to illustrate the points of the agreement.

Design Phase

After a thorough understanding of a trader抯 needs, an application will be developed to execute the strategy. We will acquire all necessary information from the Broker/Dealer that is housing the server. If the trader wishes to keep the server at our Broker/Dealer, then we will assist in filling out the proper forms to open an account. After writing the program, it will be tested to gage its accuracy and effectiveness. Automated tools will be used to identify design flaws, and the application will be revised if necessary. At this point pre-operational testing begins and recommendations can be made to enhance the strategy.

Implementation Phase

Upon completion of the design phase, the program is ready to be implemented. We will build a server and load all necessary software to run the application. The client will be given the ability to access his server from a remote location. Through remote access, the client has the ability to monitor or override the system抯 activity through a secure VPN. At this point we can discuss if the client wishes to take advantage of our account maintenance program. The program is popular because it allows traders the flexibility to be away from their computer during market hours. Based on predetermined parameters established by the trader, we will risk manage and monitor the server and override it if need be. The client can access his account information through web access.