Yootech believes service is as important to an automated trader as technology and price, and feels this aspect sets it apart from similar firms offering this service.


Yootech provides a detailed, real-time accounting web site, which allows its automated traders to quickly and easily access their daily, week-to-date, month-to-date, and year-to-date financial status. Yootech provides an automated trader with the financial analysis they need to make vital programming and investment decisions.


Yootech provides a broad tools to traders for maxamizing profits. Yootech understands trading techniques that work today may need to be adjusted to work tomorrow, and provides ways for the automated trader to continually make adjustments in a rapidly changing trading world.

Maintanence Program

Perhaps you are too busy to spend your entire day keeping an eye on your application or you may feel that you want to minimize the emotional factors that can have a detrimental effect on your trading. Whatever your reasons are, we can provide traders with a certain level of security and piece of mind that someone is watching their trading activity in case of a technical issues or a serious global event that can have a dramatic impact on market activity. According to agreed upon parameters, we can override the system for you in case of these situations or others.

The maintenance program also includes additional programming that may be required on your system. If the broker dealer alters their software, it may be necessary to change the code in your application to ensure proper functionality.

We can also be instrumental in helping to tweak your system to help achieve optimal levels of profitability. By back testing your system with recent market data, we can recommend changes in your average share size per trade or make adjustments to your entry or exit strategy.


Yootech has established a technical support group entirely dedicated to its automated traders. This group includes experienced programmers as well as registered customer liaisons.