Yootech offers a complete technology package designed specifically for the automated trader. Engineered from the ground up, our proprietary system provides high speed market data, fast order facilitation, and post trade management information and reports, enabling us to routinely handle over 1.5 million unique orders, and 3 million unique messages per day!


Yootech provides its automated traders with free, reliable, and real-time market data to make investment decisions, and to grow their strategies.


Yootech provides its automated traders with direct connections to the major ECNs and markets. This ensures fast, reliable access to the NASDAQ Stock Market, INET (formerly Island and Instinet), ArcaEx, Edgx, Bats, Dark Pools, New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, regional stock exchanges, and our affiliate's NYSE electronic membership provides access to DOT and Direct+.


Yootech provides its automated traders with technology to help select the fastest and most cost-effective venues to route orders. Automated traders can opt to have their orders route intelligently by scanning market makers, ECNs, exchanges, and hidden pools of liquidity and reserve size, for the best available execution.