Yootech Associates L.L.C. is a proprietary programming trading firm with a goal of achieving the highest level of success in both trading and technology. We recruit and hire the most talented individuals to work as traders, quantitative analysts, programmers and system support. We pride ourselves on our ability to attract bright and motivated individuals and help them develop their careers.

At Yootech, there is a big emphasis on technology and product development. The technology team has weekly meetings with terrific project planning and clearly defined objectives. It is a fast paced environment that quickly adopts to the latest market. The technology team has successfully allowed Yootech to house some of the most profitable automated trading strategies. Yootech offers black box automated traders looking for better access to the trading venues as well as more reliable market data and quicker executions.

If you are looking for a career in Trading or Trading Technology and you have a true desire to succeed, Yootech Associates is the right place for you.